Gibraltar Tour Packages

We have or can adapt our Official Rock Tours to suite our clients requirements, we undertake 4 types of Official Rock Tours:

Bronze Tour (1.5hrs)

  • The Pillars Of Hercules
  • St Michaels Cave
  • The Monkeys/Apes Den
  • The Great Siege Tunnel

Silver Tour (2hrs 45mins)

Includes all the above plus:

  • The 100 Ton Gun
  • Europa Point
  • Moorish Castle

Gold Tour (3.5hrs)

Includes all the above plus:

  • The City under Siege Exhibition
  • O'Hara's Battery
  • 360º drive around the Rock, stopping at Catalan Bay for photo opportunities
  • Drive over the 5th most dangerous runway in the world, taking us to the border with Spain

Platinum Tour (6.5hrs)

Includes all the above plus:

  • The World War 2 Tunnels (Tour by military guides which takes approximately 45mins to 1 hr)
  • Shopping time (Allow you personal time to undertake any shopping you may wish to undertake, collect you and take you to your final destination)